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Dear Electronic Repair friends,

I’m Michael Smith and I’m a expert electronic restorer and focused on LCD TV and Plasma TV Repair. Since around 1999 until recently i’ve fixed plenty of Plasma TV and LCD sets. If you’re considering figuring out how to fix display defects in flat screen televisions, then you’ve arrived at the best place. The idea to build up an own repair center came from the movie The 5th Dimension, where one of the biggest manufacterer Hitachi is about to grow the empire in the television world.

Following E-book is perfect for intermediate and advanced TV specialists and it’s a great selection of maintenance information regarding a variety of display defects and errors on LCD TV’s. This E-book describes and demonstrates which panel(s) is most probably at fault for any specific display problem.

In addition to particular troubleshooting techniques and methods implemented to determine and fix a variety particular display problems. Furthermore this ebook go’s even further by also describing and illustrating certain semiconductors and elements which have been recognized to fail and trigger board failure. This E-book additionally covers IPM modules and malfunction. There are two levels of trouble shooting this book covers and that is ‘board-level’ and ‘component-level’ and filled up with long many years of repairing expertise and circuit checks on typical display issues with Plasma TV’s. Display Faults ebook is exclusive and one of a kind with ‘real-world’ valuable information to assist techs get display problems identified, verified, and fixed. This ebook clarifies misinformation on TV screen errors as well as their technical terminologies. This ebook is packed with helpful servicing info for any technician who restores TV’s or is aiming to enter this area.

These secrets have never been uncovered to the public before. I’ve only provided a few of these techniques to some of my electronics repair friends. My friends have right away used these approaches to help them in the analyse work. The majority of the “electronic repairers” out there don’t like you to learn these secrets. They’d instead keep you in the dark by letting you know to “replace this or that” but don’t actually show you the proper way regarding how to identify the issue in the LCD TV display faults. That’s why I’ve chose to pack all of my flat TV screen errors restore strategies into one explosive course.